Here’s the thing, it’s like, even if it’s not my intention to lose everything I’m now working for, that’s what this addiction will do to me…

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AHS Season 2 was pretty weird in retrospect. I’m at Arden’s speech about the poop earrings with Mary Eunice and gah damn this scenes weird.



I met a nice cat on the way home

He’s trying to remember your scent so when the feline uprising happens he’ll know to spare you for your intimate kindness

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"She who has been the Queen of England on earth will today become a Queen in Heaven."

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It’s the same thing with interviews. It’s like I’m supposed to give people a fucking free pass because there’s a camera on. I’m like, ‘Hi, I’m a human being, I’m an artist, I’m a person. What you’re asking me is bullshit, and if we were in a bar in New York, I would knock your teeth out.

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